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C.J. Stafford & Associates

Fueled by knowledge & experience. Driven by values.

C.J. STAFFORD & ASSOCIATES is a Toronto based executive search and recruitment company that has developed a ‘brand’ name for placing executives, engineers, scientists and managers in the mining, engineering, construction and related industries across Canada and globally. Founded in 1981 we have become recognized as leaders in our field of expertise and, in recent years, have broadened the scope of our services to include the science and technological advances impacting the industries we serve.

Throughout the 35 plus years of business we have completed over 600 senior level searches, recruited to over 30 different countries and earned a reputation for delivering quality talent in a cost effective and efficient manner.

What separates us from the competition is a commitment to the mining sector, a passion for delivering exceptional results and to see our efforts enable careers to flourish and candidates to excel in their respective fields.


We have over 3 decades of executive search experience in the mining industry, during which time we have recruited every discipline and at all levels of responsibility up to and including CEO. In addition to corporate placements we have recruited to most mining camps across Canada and to over 30 different countries. By participating on industry committees, attending functions and supporting initiatives we stay on top of the issues and connected to the key people in the industry we serve. We are a recognized ‘brand’ name within our field of expertise and have appeared twice on BNN, given interviews to various publications and presented at the annual CIM conference in 2015. 

Our client list includes major international and junior mining companies, exploration and mine developers, engineering consultants and contractors, equipment suppliers, banks, industry associations and other service providers to the mining sector. We have been engaged by both the CIM and PDAC when they needed to recruit for key positions within their respective organizations.

From exploration, through development, construction and operations we are familiar with every stage of the complete ‘life of mine’ cycle and the skills, knowledge and experience associated with each of those stages. A ‘niche’ that we are recognized for within the sector is ‘team building’, with emphasis on new and developing mining companies, where our knowledge, experience and insights are used in a collaborative manner to consult with and advise clients on developing an effective hiring strategy.

As a ‘boutique’ style of business we are flexible in our approach to each search and readily adaptable to a client’s unique situation. Our Toronto location allows us to stay on top of trends, issues and challenges facing the industry and forms the basis of an unparalleled network of industry leaders. Whether a domestic or global search this extended network reaches to every major mining region of the world, often involving our ‘alliance’ partners in Australia, South America or South Africa.

The relationship with mining professionals begins with mentoring and coaching graduates and continues throughout their careers when we are often approached for consultation and advise on career moves. Remaining in touch is important and enables us to track careers.

We are recognised experts in our field we welcome those ‘most difficult’ to fill assignments and the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities. As a ‘boutique’ style company we have the agility to easily adapt to a client’s specific situation, ensuring that terms and conditions of engagement are tailored to suit the task at hand and ensure that we deliver quality results in a timely and cost-effective manner.